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This white paper summarizes some of the key insights and concerns raised, and what Future of Workforce means for recruiters and HR professionals.

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See why “unconferences” are actually a better way to reach your target buyers and build your brand.

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A free guide on How to Leverage Inbound Marketing for Your Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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Big data is hype. AI is for the movies. A computer might be able to beat the chess or Go world champion—but HR requires a subtler touch, right? Wrong! Implementing off-the-shelf analytics should already be on the to-do list. And forward-looking HR leaders need to keep an eye on the next leap forward.

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Each year, Oracle hosts a gathering of HR influencers to examine the trends that have shaped the HR profession over the past year and reflect on the state of work across Europe. Held in London in December 2016, the latest event saw HR analysts, journalists, and social media commentators share their views on everything from the pitfalls of employee engagement initiatives to the ways in which Artificial Intelligence will impact the job market.

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While all businesses realize the importance of providing an outstanding customer service, few of them recognize that great customer service starts with your employees. Your employees are your most important customers. If you treat them right, they will become your biggest advocates, and that’s what you should aim for. 


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Related to #HRUBrussels - Proactive Hiring event, we are happy to bring this practical guide for people who are new to the sourcing profession with our event partner Hello Talent.


Proactively Manage Your Organizational Culture
By reading our full digibook "Managing Organizational Culture", you’ll learn: 
  • Why culture is taking over the world 
  • Six fundamental motivations for employees 
  • Ethics, inclusion and the need for empath
  • How to use the five-step checklist to build your action plan 
Enable Employees to Create Their Own Success 
By reading our Digibook "Career Management and Development", you’ll learn: 
  • Three ways the information age has changed all employees
  • Five ways to help managers who support career development
  • How to build social tools for career development
  • How to create your action plan with this five-point checklist
Prepare Your HR Function to Stay Agile 
Read our digibook "HR Transformation", and you’ll discover:
  • The three steps to strategic HR
  • Why you should revisit the Ulrich model 
  • The three strategic wins for AI in HR 
  • How to build your action plan with a five-point checklist 
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Take a look at the important developments in recruitment industry that we should all be aware of and provide ideas for what we can start to put into practise in our day-to-day lives.


In this guide we will take a look:

  • What exactly is Boolean search
  • Different search approaches and techniques
    • Keyword search for maximizing results
    • Conceptual search
    • Exclusive search
    • Semantic search
    • Indirect search
  • A few key tips to remember
  • And more...

With this guide you will get practical ideas how to scale your talent pipelining process and move from reactive hiring process to proactive.  


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